Zyloware kicks off first annual Retail Optical Circle Beyond The Box Event!

March 16th, 2016: Zyloware Eyewear and Vision Ease host their first annual Retail Optical Circle Beyond the Box event in Atlanta, Georgia. The Retail Optical Circle, also known as ROC, will begin with James Ledbetter on what it means to be a disruptor.

James Ledbetter


Ledbetter is the editor of Inc. magazine and Inc.com. Prior to that position he was the founder and editor of The Big Money, Slate’s business and finance site, and the Opinion Editor for Reuters. He has also been deputy managing editor of CNN Money and senior editor at TIME.

Curtis Zimmerman

Ledbetter will be followed with a dynamic presentation by Curtis Zimmerman. As a speaker and author, Curtis Zimmerman has impacted over 1 million people around the globe with his life-changing message. He expertly accelerates culture change, energizes organizations and inspires greater accountability to keep companies competitive and focused.

Event Photos:

Z001.jpg Z003.jpgZ004.jpgZ002.jpgZ005.jpgZ006.jpgZ007.jpg

The Retail Optical Circle is hosted by Zyloware Eyewear and Vision Ease and will run for three days from March 16th-18th.


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