“A Year of Randy Jackson Eyewear” and #NoExcuses campaign


The spotlight is on Randy Jackson, music hit maker and eyewear trend-setter, during Zyloware’s “A Year of Randy Jackson” and #NoExcuses campaign. The event marks the ten-year anniversary of Randy Jackson Eyewear and pays tribute to Randy for revolutionizing the industry by making American men eyewear a fashion statement.


Randy himself appeared to commemorate the launch of the #NoExcuses campaign, giving eyewear makeovers to two men on Tuesday, July 19th at the Ascent Lounge in Manhattan. Attendees included Randy Jackson, members of Zyloware, optical industry press (Vision Care Product News, 20/20 Magazine, Invision Magazine, Vision Monday, Eyecare Business), non-industry press (People Magazine, Fox News Channel) and style bloggers (Style by MiMi, Fresher Than Chris, Galinsky Place, and I Am Man Chic).


A Year of Randy Jackson:

Randy Jackson helped transform men and their style by leading the bold eyewear revolution a decade ago. His keen eye for style and his huge popularity on the TV hit “American Idol” established him as a trendsetter. He styled himself with cool, trendy eyewear for over twelve seasons on American Idol, paving the way for the popularity of bold frames and directly influencing how the modern male perceived stylized eyewear. Randy has broken down industry barriers in the men’s eyewear market, bringing forward noticeable new eyewear trends and reinventing the way American men see themselves in glasses.

In addition to ten years of success, the anniversary marks how the collection has transformed both men’s appearance and confidence. The masculine, on-trend designs featured in the Randy Jackson Eyewear Collection offer a fashion forward look that redefines how men think of eyewear. Over the course of the next year, Zyloware will host a yearlong style makeover campaign, A Year of Randy Jackson, featuring Randy Jackson Eyewear and will showcase Randy’s up-to-date fashion style. The makeovers will bring attention to the style-changing power eyewear can bring men and will continue up to the official ten-year anniversary in 2017.

The #NoExcuses campaign:

Centered around looking and feeling your best, the #NoExcuses campaign will focus on excuses made by men for long-held negative beliefs and behaviors related to their eyewear such as not having an annual eye exam, not wearing a proper fitting frame, or not updating their frames to keep up with fashion trends to look their best.


#NoExcuses: Health and wellness

Randy Jackson has been an influential part of publicly promoting health and wellness; he has openly shared his personal story of how being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes made him take control of his health. In addition to Randy’s work to spread awareness about the dangers of obesity, he avidly stresses the importance of a regular eye exam, as one of the risks associated with diabetes is eye disease. Randy has been a supporter of many charitable organizations including spokesperson for the American Heart Association’s “Heart of Diabetes” campaign. He also established the Randy Jackson Childhood Obesity Foundation.

#NoExcuses: Style Inspired by Randy Jackson

Randy is known for his winning sense of style and bold fashion choices. His eyewear collection features stylish designs, masculine shapes, and wearable looks for the fashion conscious male. Randy Jackson Eyewear directly reflects Randy’s personal style, offering the most current trends in eyewear for a look that is always fashionably forward. Randy Jackson Eyewear inspires the average male to try something new and dare to be different with a bold, cool look.

#NoExcuses: The Perfect Fit

The Randy Jackson Eyewear Collection gives men #NoExcuses to wear eyewear that does not fit properly. Randy Jackson Eyewear provides solutions for all face shapes, complexions, eye and hair colors. With Extended Fit sizing for men with larger heads, Randy Jackson Eyewear accommodates comfort and fit without sacrificing style.

#NoExcuses: Quality Eyewear, Affordable Pricing

The #NoExcuses campaign provides men with the ability to always look their best when choosing Randy Jackson Eyewear. Outdated eyewear is #NoExcuse anymore – the collection offers masculine styling and colors that is always up-to-date with current fashion trends. For the wearer who cares about their appearance and wants high quality product, Randy Jackson Eyewear is the solution for men who want expensive looking eyewear without the expensive price tag.


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About Zyloware:  By 1980 Zyloware shattered the mold for women’s eyewear by signing the first celebrity eyewear brand, Sophia Loren Eyewear and bucking the old adage that “men don’t make passes at women wearing glasses.” Continuing to be innovators in the eyewear industry, Zyloware partnered with Randy Jackson in 2007 to break another stereotype about “glasses not being cool” and created the Randy Jackson Eyewear Collection. The brand provides on-trend, innovative styling that has redefined the men’s eyewear market. Since the collections’ launch in 2007, Randy Jackson Eyewear has been a proven success and a number one best seller.


Brand portfolio includes: Shaquille O’Neal, Sophia Loren, Stetson, Stetson Off Road, Randy Jackson, Daisy Fuentes, Leon Max,, Panama Jack, Gloria Vanderbilt, Gloria by Gloria Vanderbilt, Invincilites, Via Spiga, Project Runway, Red Lotus and Red Tiger.


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