The Randy Jackson #NoExcuses campaign is officially in full gear. Formatted with the goal of encouraging men to step up their eyewear game and update their look with the stylish appeal of Randy Jackson Eyewear, we want to hear your #NoExcuses for why you deserve an eyewear makeover. In an effort to continue to raise awareness and promote involvement, Zyloware is sharing our top social media posts for the campaign so you can get involved too!

We are celebrating the #NoExcuses campaign on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – but feel free to share it on other forms of social media as well like Pinterest, SnapChat, Google+, LinkedIn, and more. Below are examples of posts that you can use on your own social media profiles to involve your followers.

RJ #NoExcuses_header.jpg



Social media dimensions.jpg
facebook colum posts1.jpg

facebook colum posts2.jpg

facebook colum posts3.jpg



Social media dimensions - IG.jpg

instagram colum posts1.jpginstagram colum posts2.jpg



Social media dimensions - twitter.jpg

Twitter colum posts1.jpgTwitter colum posts2.jpgTwitter colum posts3.jpg

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