Finding a frame that fits perfectly can be a challenge, and it can be especially challenging for eyeglass wearers who need Extended Fit® sizing. Here we will give you the ins and outs on Extended Fit® sizing as well as recommend some styles to fit your needs!

FIT GUIDE: How to find the right fit for your size

The “one size fits all” world does not exist anymore. From petite to big and tall sizing, the apparel industry has proven that there is a significant need for more custom fit options. Zyloware believes in providing eyeglasses that are tailored to the needs of the consumer, and has a number of brands with additional sizing options available.

Using PD to determine fit

Your Pupil Distance (PD), which your optician can provide, is not a perfect indicator of head size, but most of the time if you have a big PD then you are probably going to need big glasses. Likewise, if you have a small PD, you’re probably going to need small glasses. Keep in mind though that it’s not an exact science when it comes to PD predicting fit.

The PD of an average adult male tends to be in the mid 60’s, and the PD of an average adult female tends to be in the high 50s to low 60s.




Extended Fit® Eyewear and Luxury Fit® Eyewear usually fall along these ranges of PDs:
Men – Extended Fit® 65mm +
Women – Luxury Fit® 63mm +



Collections that offer Extend Fit Sizing

Randy Jackson

The Randy Jackson Eyewear Collection emphasizes that you don’t have to sacrifice style to find a frame that actually fits. Extended Fit® Sizing provides the wearer with longer temples and an overall larger fit to better tailor to the needs of men with larger heads. Try these on for size:


Stetson has a unique focus on fit. The brand includes a variety of frame sizes to accommodate the specific needs of the modern day male. The Stetson XL Collection has been designed to feature larger sizes and fit specifically for big men. Try these on for size:

Shaquille O’Neal

Shaq is impressive on and off the court with his larger than life size, but finding frames that fit hasn’t always been easy for him (the man wears a size 22 shoe!). Shaq partnered with Zyloware to create a unique line of eyewear for men with larger heads modeled after the popular fashion style, athleisure wear. The collection also includes Extended Fit® Sizing which offers extra headspace and longer temples. Try these on for size:

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