Zyloware’s Guide to Growing Your Social Media

Social Media has changed the way that marketing works.  Social Media is easy to use and increasingly effective.  It allows us to connect and share content all over the world within seconds.  This is why social media is essential to any successful marketing strategy.

Zyloware has done its research and has put together some useful tools and tips to help you with your social media strategy!



Social Media 101

Why does social media matter?  Discover the top 5 reasons here in Social Media 101 and see why you should get involved now!





Increase Your Followers

Are you looking to reach more customers on social media?  Find out the 3 must have elements for social media to work.  Follow these top 10 ways to gain more followers and learn how to set your own social media goals.





How to Grow Your Instagram

Improve your Instagram Statistics with promotions and giveaways, collaborating with social media influencers, and planning your content!





Social Media Post Times

Different social media networks have different peak times for posting!  Check out the best times to post for each platform.





The Power of the #Hashtag!

Hashtags are used in a social media post to identify a keyword or topic of interest and facilitate a search for it.  They can be used to create a discussion, join in on a trending topic, promote events, and increase your exposure.





The Perfect Blog Post Outline

From your headline, to your opening, to your content, this outline shows you the best way to lay out your blog post!




Use these tips and tools to grow your customers on social media!

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