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Original article written by Anna Smutny and published in the September 2017 issue of 20/20 Magazine

Growing up in a world surrounded by online media with instant access to product information, GenEye knows what they want and how to get it. These savvy shoppers are skilled at getting stylish eyewear and are constantly on the lookout for opportunities to project their individuality and aren’t afraid of taking risks. Use these 20/20 selling tips to help this generation of eyewear shoppers show off their unique styles.

Insight: Wearing eyeglasses only to improve your vision is a thing of the past. Many Millennials with 20/20 vision appreciate the added flare a fabulous pair of frames can give an outfit and are purchasing glasses without prescription lenses. By offering clear plano lenses for these “faux” frames, GenEye customers can enter the wonderful world of eyewear without putting their 20/20 vision at risk. Keep this new demographic of GenEye buyers in mind because these customers will be looking far and wide to get their hands on as many of these frames as possible.




  • Encourage GenEye customers to step away from the computer screens and come in to your store by placing emphasis on face-to-face customer service. Knowing that they can get better service in person versus online will help set you apart from virtual stores.

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  • GenEye is always up to date on which celebrities are wearing what styles and which trends are hot. Look to popular A-list celebrities and social influencers for inspiration about what this generation will be looking for in eyewear.


  • Expand your social media presence to connect with your customers. Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are a vital aspect of a Millennial’s life. It allows them to connect with peers, express themselves and their interests and curate their personal brand. Being able to reach out to your customers through these platforms is the best way to promote your business to this generation.



  • Speaking of social media, GenEye takes pride in sharing aspects of their lives with others. Ask your Millennial customers to tag your shop in the pictures that show off their frames. Not only does this build a great relationship with your clientele, but it also helps spread the word about your business.


  • Customization is key. Being viewed as individuals is extremely important to this generation, and this tends to their eyewear as well. Show them collections that allow them to customize their frames with their names or initials, different colors, patterns and other details that make the glasses uniquely theirs.


  • Colorful mirror and tinted lenses are popping up everywhere. From blue to silver, and yellow especially, Millennials are flocking to frames that feature sleek designs with lenses that pop with vibrant, reflective colors. Have plenty of these frames available for customers looking for this on-trend, futuristic look.


  • Millennials will want to know they are getting the best deal possible. Give them reassurance by answering their questions. A GenEye customer will most likely have done his or her research before coming in. work with them and use your knowledge and expertise to guide them in the right direction as they pick out new frames.



  • GenEye grew up with instant access to knowing what brands are hot and what brands aren’t. Lifestyle brands are always on trend and ones that Millennial customers will come searching for, but it also pays to introduce some independent brands to this group as well.


  • Unique shapes are something that GenEye looks for in eyewear. These customers are constantly on the hunt for frames in eye-popping shapes. Round and square frames give a retro yet modern look, while a sleek cat-eye puts a feminine twist on any outfit.


  • Encourage them to give the frames a test run before they purchase. GenEye shoppers will want to model the frames in front of a mirror or even snap a few pictures for their friends to get their opinions before committing to a pair.





Not just for sun: Millennials make their own rules – repurposing sunwear as an optical frame is an example of how they make it their own. Check out Randy Jackson style RU S917P – this on-trend aviator frame is the perfect sunglass for optical conversion.


Randy Jackson RU S917P makes the perfect optical frame in this trendy aviator shape.  Shop this look here.


Vintage: What’s old is new again. Whether they’re true vintage frames or vintage-inspired styles, GenEye is bringing them back.


Stetson 178 is a long time running best seller for a reason! This frame blends vintage style with modern trends. Shop here.


Mirrored lenses: This is a hot trend for any age group, but especially for selfie-loving Millennials


Randy Jackson S925P totally captures the in-demand mirrored lenses look. Get this stylish pair here.


Oversized: GenEye knows frames are a fashion statement. Large, attention-getting frames are the way to go.


Leon Max style 6012 in Tortoise is a fun, chunky zyl with oversized proportions. Shop this frame here.


Double brow bar: A unisex trend that conveys cool, this look works for both sun and optical styles.


Randy Jackson Limited Edition style X131 is cool and fashionable with a double brow bar. Shop this frame here.



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