Happy Birthday Daisy!


In celebration of Daisy’s birthday on Friday, November 17th, we decided to dedicate this week’s blog post to everything we love about Daisy Fuentes and her stylish eyewear collection from Zyloware!


Named as one of People magazine’s 50 Most Beautiful, Daisy Fuentes has helped define the perception of Latina beauty. Long before there was any prominent young Latin American television, there was Daisy Fuentes.


DF Brenda and DF Frida


She has proven her staying power and longevity in the entertainment industry for more than 30 years. With the launch of a fashion line in 2004 she became an American lifestyle brand, which includes sportswear, intimates, accessories, handbags, swimwear, shoes, and multiple fragrances with over 1.5 billion dollars in sales.


DF Brenda and DF Lucia


Daisy is actively involved in charity, helping raise money for breast cancer research and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital through promotional and fundraising campaigns. She also works with the ASPCA to raise awareness about animal cruelty.


Daisy Fuentes Eyewear Collection Features (Color Creations in Metal and Zyl):


Who is the Daisy Fuentes Eyewear Consumer?


Our top picks from the Daisy Fuentes Eyewear Collection:

DF Frida
Daisy Fuentes Eyewear – style Frida
DF Ivette
Daisy Fuentes Eyewear – style Ivette
DF Lucia
Daisy Fuentes Eyewear – style Lucia
DF Maya
Daisy Fuentes Eyewear – style Maya
DF Pamela
Daisy Fuentes Eyewear. – style Pamela

















To view these styles and more, visit the Daisy Fuentes Eyewear Collection by Zyloware Eyewear.

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