The ECP Guide to Optical Storefront Do’s and Don’ts

What you need to know to get them through the door

With the holiday season in full swing, it’s time to start thinking about how you can get more foot traffic in your store. Storefronts often give a passing customer their first impression of your store and determine whether or not they enter, so it’s important to get it right. Here are some of the major turnoffs to consumers and the solutions to these problems, with the help from Eyecare Business. In their November 2017 issue, they discuss how the owner of Margot & Camille, Valeria Vittu, is able to run a successful, high-end eyewear shop thanks to merchandising techniques.



eb_nov_2601.jpgDO light your window display:

Lighting is essential to ensure that potential customers can see your product. You want to make sure that all products in the display case are visible from outside. Also, make sure that the lighting is cohesive to the lighting in your store. You don’t want to have a disconnect from your display case to the rest of the store. Adding fairy lights or table lights can change the mood of the displays. There are endless possibilities to lighting, but always make sure you can see your products. Valeria Vittu likes to add “elements of surprise that can be viewed inside and out” of her storefront. She believes this is important and helps with attracting customers into the store.






DON’T have an unclear message:

Customers should be able to tell what you are selling from your display case. If this is not clear after a short glance, then the display is not effective. A clear display is one where the brightest or biggest item is in the middle of the display case. Some of the best displays tell a story about the products to anyone who sees it. A good example of this is a color scheme that runs throughout the display.  We suggest displaying by brand as it gives a better sense of design and provides continuous flow. Another option is to display by color and mix the brands if you are focusing on a specific color palette or theme.





eb_nov_2801.jpgDO regularly change the display case:

People who walk or drive by your store regularly will be intrigued by a new display. Changing your window display frequently stops your store from looking stale. Continuously changing the display case also allows for you to highlight sales or specials going on. For every new display change, Vittu likes to keep the presentation simple. She “always selects a small number of frames to present at one time (10 or less…usually less). It shows that we curated the selection just for the customer and it helps with security too.”







DON’T clutter:

Clutter is the number one reason why passing customers may not enter your store. More is not always better. Display cases are about showcasing a small selection of merchandise, not cramming as many products as possible. Your display case should highlight certain products and have customers take a second glance. Intrigue is going to get the customers through the door. They will not be intrigued if everything is already on display. In the Eyecare Business article, Vittu keeps a strict rule of only displaying 3 frames per shelf.







DO time it right:

Your display case should reflect what is happening in the outside world. If there is an important holiday coming up or a season change, you should change your display case to reflect it. Having seasonal displays out earlier allows for customers the chance to buy what they need in advance. Make sure that you change your display case again when the seasonal display is no longer relevant. Vittu reminds us that all displays must be harmonious. In her store, “everything is usually in harmony with our store image and with the concept of fine eyewear. They always want the entire store to show as a design place, not a doctor’s office.”






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**All images were retrieved from Eyecare Business November 2017 issue


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