An Unprecedented Look into the Millennial Market


There are more than 80 million Millennials in the US, representing more than a quarter of the population. They are the largest, single market segment in the US and represent an enormous opportunity for eyewear manufacturers and eye care professionals who understand their motivations and needs.

Eye Opening.

Transitions Optical and The Center For Generational Kinetics conducted a national online research study administered to 1,264 respondents between the ages of 22 and 65.

Across generations, eyeglass wearers consider their glasses to be a part of their style. This is especially true of Millennials:



More than half of each generation studied consider their glasses to be a part of their style:

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Cost is the biggest issue preventing eyeglass wearers from getting new glasses, but cost is less of a barrier for millennials:

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Millennials are significantly more likely than Gen X and Boomers to say that shopping for eyeglasses is an enjoyable or easy experience:

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Significantly more time is spent on choosing frames than lenses:

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Millennials are 4 times more likely than other generations to have their eyeglass decisions influenced by seeing a celebrity, athlete or online influencer:

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Over half of eyeglass wearers say their shopping experience would be improved by clear and upfront costs, while the other half of shoppers say their experience would be improved by a good frame selection:

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Top ways to improve your overall experience shopping for new eyeglasses:

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The Eyecare Professional has the most influence on the eyeglass wearer’s shopping decision:

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A breakdown of who has the most influence in eyeglass decisions:

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Style is the most influential factor when deciding which glasses or lenses to buy:

Slide J.JPG


Conclusion: Across generations, wearers consider their glasses to be part of their style, especially Millennials. Eyecare Professionals and spouses have the most influence over eyeglass decisions.

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Through the Generational Looking Glass

An ROB Webinar with Jason Dorsey for Transitions

Jason Dorsey, president of The Center for Generational Kinetics, shares key findings from The Eyeglass Consumer, a proprietary study that his organization conducted for Transitions Optical. In this one-hour webinar, ODs and key staff will learn to recognize generational variations in attitudes and behavior when it comes to various aspects of eyecare and eyewear including Transitions Adaptive lenses. Participants will also learn to apply these findings to help patients fulfill all of their eyewear needs.



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