Each generation has their own likes and dislikes when it comes to eyewear – from style to functionality, it is important to identify the most important factors that apply to each generation. Zyloware is breaking down the do’s and don’ts of optical needs for patients of every age.


The million-dollar question:

How can your eyecare business best approach and appeal to each unique generation?

Here are some top considerations we share with clients about the best ways to appeal to—and engage with—each key generation of today’s consumer force.



BABY BOOMERS – 1946-1964

This generation is always looking to stay on the cutting edge and purchases products from experts.

Want me to buy? Make boomers aware that you know all there is to know – you are the expert – and that you are excited about changes in the industry.

Connect with me: Boomers are looking for a personal connection. They want to know that you’re taking time to build a relationship.

Talk to me: Make them aware you are focused on making their shopping process easy, and that means being ready to dedicate focused time to them.

We suggest:



GENERATION X – 1965-1979

Overall, they desire transparency and are skeptical, which translates to their being keenly aware when someone is trying to upsell them.

 Want me to buy? Be sure you explain all the reasons behind your suggestions. The moment you come across as “sales-y” is the very moment you lose them.

Connect with me: Gen Xers have done their research before they shop. If they have a question, they’ll ask you, so don’t go into a sales presentation until you get the green light.

Talk to me: For the most part, leave Gen Xers alone. They are fiercely independent and skeptical, so when they go into a store, they want to make decisions on their own.

We suggest:

Gen X_Frame.jpg


MILLENNIALS – 1980-1995

This generation craves authenticity and informality in relationships.

Want me to buy? Millennials have done some online shopping, so don’t criticize online retailers. Instead, praise them for what they’re doing while offering the benefits of why you are different.

Connect with me: They crave customization, and that means every step of the sales process should include a customized or personalized approach.

Talk to me: Not just in-store, either. A strong social media presence is necessary if you want to reach them.

We suggest:


GEN EDGERS – 1996-2010

Gen Zen is cost-hesitant when they’re on their own dollar, so be sure to be candid about products and services when they happen to cost more.

Want me to buy? Represent diversity in your marketing campaigns to reach this generation. Remember they have a strong value of and for the inclusion of diversity.

Connect with me: Don’t over connect. Interactive merchandising is a great way to catch Gen Edgers’ attention.

Talk to me: The worst thing you can say to this group is, “Well, most people really like this because…” without asking questions first!

We suggest:

Gen Edgers_Frame.jpg


Tips to keep in mind to ensure you are offering the best shopping experience for each generation:



DO focus on relationship-building and attentive customer service.

DON’T assume they’re brand loyal because they always have been or that they’re resistant to change. They embrace it.



DO be transparent and to the point, and offer opportunities to save.

DON’T hover or trap them into listening to long-winded sales pitches or bombard them with marketing messages.



DO customize the experience and show off how your team and products give back to the community.

DON’T leave them voicemails, call multiple times, or come across as too formal.



DO have a well-established social media presence.

DON’T assume that they shop like millennials.



Across generations, wearers consider their glasses to be part of their style, especially millennials.

Consider your glasses to be part of your style:

Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at 9.28.14 AM

Original article by Hannah Ubi for Eyecare Business.

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