At Zyloware, we’re committed to providing styles for ALL face shapes and sizes. From Petite Fit for women to Extended Fit® Eyewear for men, we’ve got you covered!

A common sizing problem for men with larger facial features is eyewear that’s too small. Extended Fit®  Eyewear is a collection of fashionable frames designed with the proper proportions to provide a comfortable and correct fit. Zyloware Extended Fit® Eyewear frames feel like they were custom designed for your specific size needs, without the inflated price tag!

At Zyloware, we use a formula to calculate whether someone qualifies for Extended Fit® Eyewear: Add the eye and bridge size together and subtract 8mm. We call this value the pupil distance (PD), and a PD of 65mm or greater is considered Extended Fit® Eyewear.

Extended Fit® Eyewear is available in popular brands including Randy Jackson and Shaquille O’Neal.

Spotlight – Extended Fit® Eyewear With Randy Jackson Eyewear


Extended Fit

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