The Eye Care Professional’s Guide to Recruiting 101

A complete guide to recruiting Eye Care Professionals and building your business

Looking for the perfect ECP job has become easier than ever before! With a simple search on Google, your Facebook account, or even Twitter, you can find websites/groups that are looking for applicants every day! Zyloware is here to help you break it down in three easy steps on how to find the right eye care professional to help your business grow.


Step 1: Search bar “optometrist jobs”

A plethora of options will come up, like Glassdoor, LinkedIn, Indeed, Local Eye Site, iHireOptometry and many more! These sites are available for both the professional looking for employment and the business looking to fill an available position. Use these sites to search by desired location, salary, experience level, and job type to find the perfect job or candidate.


Step 2: Choose a website

After choosing a reliable website to host your job opportunity, you will need to sign up and fill out the forms for a job posting. Some examples below:



Step 3: Apply!

For the professional: Simply click on “Apply Now” to begin the process. Once you’ve applied to the position, you will receive an e-mail confirming your application has been received.

For the business: The employer will receive an e-mail notification each time they receive a new applicant. From here you can view additional information about the candidate, their resume, and any other information they may have included.





Joining a Facebook Group is a great way to connect with other eye care professionals. From sharing horror stories about patients or questions about new equipment, Facebook Groups are the perfect place to meet up with others within your profession and talk all things optical. Some of our favorites are:


Female optometrist prescribing spectacles to patient in ophthalmology clinic



Job search websites are not the only place to find prospective employment opportunities. There are a handful of Facebook groups available that offer positions for the OD, student, Optician and more. Here are a few that frequently have opportunities available:





Twitter may be limited to 150 characters or less on your tweets, but there’s plenty of Twitter accounts that are designated to finding employement in the eyecare industry. Here are some worth checking out:

In addition to how to overcome difficulty finding employment within the optical industry, we’ve also put together solutions for finding the best candidate for your business when recruiting an Eyecare Professional:




The Top 5 Ways to Getting an OD in the Door:

  1. Offer part-time availability. While you may want an OD at your office full time, it is important to be open to their schedule and flexible when necessary.
  2. Coordinate your patients eye exams around when the OD is in the office. Being able to offer exams when the OD available on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays is better than not being able to offer exams at all!
  3. Get creative in your recruitment strategy. Visit local fairs and trade shows to network with optometrists that have recently graduated or will be graduating soon.
  4. Work with optometry schools to set up internship programs. This could lead to a potential employment opportunity down the road!
  5. Explore online networking site like Facebook groups for ODs and LinkedIn communities. ECPs looking for a new position are constantly popping up!





The 3 Ways an Optometrist Benefits by Partnering with a Retailer:

  1. Optometrists recently out of school do not yet have a patient network of their own. Partner with an optician-owned retailer that knows their business – you will get the opportunity to learn from opticians who have years of experience and a strong clientele.
  2. You gain lifelong networking contacts. Working with a retailer can set up reliable contacts to help you grow throughout your career.
  3. It’s not all on you. Whether it is an independent or regional retailer, the partnership means that you don’t have to manage your entire practice alone.



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