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For anyone that requires prescription lenses to see, you know how much of an impact your glasses have on your daily life. Not only does eyewear help us see better, it makes us who we are! Over the years, eyewear has transformed from a visual aid into a genuinely iconic fashion accessory. Eyewear can define, outline and punctuate a personality. It can complete an outfit and compliment a person’s face shape. Eyewear has grown in popularity and has become a massive part of our lives, which is why Zyloware has recognized this significance and created National Eyewear Day. National Eyewear Day was created and registered by Zyloware in 2016 to honor Joseph Shyer, who founded Zyloware in 1923.

Each year on June 6th Zyloware celebrates all things eyewear. We toast to frames in all shapes and sizes and rejoice all things SPEC-TACULAR! Our mission is simple: Helping people see a beautiful day everyday.

For the Eyecare Professional:

  • Host an in-store event or sale for National Eyewear Day! Send out an e-blast at least a week in advance and don’t forget to post on social media to reach both new and existing customers!
  • Set-up a selfie station for your customers to try on frames and post to social media. Create a dedicated corner of your store for customers to take pics in their favorite frames.
  • Record testimonials from your customers to share (be sure to get their permission) on social media. Positive reviews are a great way to attract new business!
  • Too busy to create your own content? Use any of the images from our social media kit to spread awareness and celebrate National Eyewear Day!
  • Increase your online engagement by hosting a giveaway for a pair of sunglasses in honor of National Eyewear Day.

Other ways to celebrate National Eyewear Day:

  • Love makeup? Do a tutorial on the perfect makeup to complement your eyes in glasses.
  • Hold a poll online if you have multiple favorite pairs of frames for people to vote on their choice!
  • Share a selfie and tell us how you plan to celebrate all things eyewear.
  • Share a video of you and your friends showing off your favorite eyewear/outfit combination.
  • Record a video about your favorite pair of glasses and why they’re your top pick!
  • Visit your local eye care professional and get a comprehensive eye exam.

BONUS: Try on new frames and post them to social with a special shout-out to your eye doctor!


Have any questions about National Eyewear Day? Need more information? Want to celebrate with us? Call the Zyloware marketing department at 1-800-765-2121 ext. 357, or email us at marketing@zyloware.com.

Download your copy of The National Eyewear Day marketing tool kit here

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