With National Eyewear Day coming up its time to start showing off your eyewear. There is no better way to show off your frames and how they make you feel then with the perfect selfie!

Here are five tips on taking the perfect selfie from our friend, social media influencer Ali Stone!

My Post-26.png 

Pay attention to your lighting – Natural lighting is, without a doubt, the best beauty product you don’t have to pay for! Soft, diffused, natural light is the best. If natural light is unavailable, purchase a light ring that fits on your phone or a light defuser to soften unnatural light sources. If you are looking for a quick fix, a plastic white shopping bag, and your phone’s flashlight can be used together to make a defused light source.

Recreate her look with these light-weight frames:

Leon 4065_057

Leon Max Collection style LM 4065 in gold


My Post-28.png

This is an issue you can face with natural or unnatural light sources. When in doubt, face directly into or away from the sun. Light reflectors are also helpful with removing shadows, without having the need for additional light sources. If you are in a pinch, hold a white sheet of paper under your chin to reflect more light on your face and neck to reduce the look of having a double chin.

Make the look your own with these bright frames:

Leon 4066_086


Leon Max Collection style LM 4066 in gold/red


My Post-29.png

Keep your chin down and the camera up! Hold the phone so that the bottom of the phone is level with your eyes. Everyone has an angle that works best for them. Do some experimenting and take many pictures from many angles to find the one that works best for you.

Get her look with these classic frames:
Leon 4063_Ivory.jpg

Leon Max Collection style LM 4063 in ivory


My Post-30.png

Editing your photo can help you evoke a certain feeling or establish a cohesive brand amongst your photos. Even just adjusting the brightness or contrast can change your photo completely. Try switching things up with black & white or a film effect with Instagram filters. Try out different apps for more editing capabilities, like Facetune or Lightroom.

Try out these chic frames to get the look:

RJ X139_Gld

 Randy Jackson Collection style RJ X140 in gold


My Post-31.png

We all struggle with getting the best candid shots. Far too often they come across posed or staged. Expressions look best when they are real and genuine. Throw on your favorite sitcom or have a friend nearby to make you laugh or smile. That is your opportunity to catch a more natural reaction, giving you the perfect candid shot.

Get the same pop of color as Ali with these frames:

Leon 4068_Red_Gold.jpg

Leon Max Collection LM 4068 in red/gold


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