Download your copy of The National Eyewear Day marketing tool kit here

National Eyewear Day is right around the corner! National Eyewear Day is a holiday that celebrates all things eyewear while serving a reminder of the importance of eye care. While you prepare for the event make sure it goes successfully by following this checklist:

  1. Don’t do it alone: gather a team to support the day. It’s no fun to go it alone- so why don’t you invite peers and friends to join in on the event!
  2. Track the change: create a budget. Managing your expenses- including your time- can help you record your return on investment and make things easier when planning the event next year!
  3. Know the flow: draft an outline for the day. Make sure your time and recourses are being used as wisely as possible by creating a schedule for you and those you are celebrating with.
  4. Have snacks: order light food and beverages. Having something for your patients to snack on makes waiting a little sweeter!
  5. Tell everyone about it: promote the day leading up to the event
    • Display the supplied easel and poster in your store
    • Hang posters in your community
    • Contact the local newspapers
    • Update your social media pages with the provided artwork
    • Post on your social media pages leading up to and the day of the event
    • Post on your blog (visit for content to use)
    • Post on your website
  6. Put your best foot forward: prep your space. Clean and organize where ever you are hosting your event to make your patients as comfortable as possible.
  7. Document the day: take pictures and capture the highlights of the day. Don’t forget to share your pictures and highlights on social media with #nationaleyewearday and tag @zyloware so we can follow along in the fun!
  8. Get everyone involved: encourage participation from your peers and patients. This holiday is about helping people see a beautiful day every day, so the more the merrier!
  9. Have fun!

Have any questions about National Eyewear Day? Need more information? Want to celebrate with us? Call the Zyloware marketing department at 1-800-765-2121 ext. 357, or email us at

Download your copy of The National Eyewear Day marketing tool kit here

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