three tips for celebrating National sunglasses day

This Thursday is National Sunglasses Day!

UV damage is cumulative over your life and it is important to protect your eyes from the damage associated with it. The solution to UV damage is simple: Sunglasses.

Here are three tips for celebrating the day:

  1. Offer special promotions or discounts on the day to encourage RX sunglasses sales like:
  • Buy one pair of glasses, get a discount on a pair of sunglasses!
  • All sunglasses are X% off today only!
  • Buy a pair of glasses and automatically be entered to win a pair of sunglasses!

2. Educate your patients

Inform your customers on why they should be wearing UV protection. Asking important questions can inform your patients:

  • Do you spend a great deal of time outside?
  • Do some of your favorite activities include going to the beach or boating in the summer, skiing or snowboarding in the winter?
  • Do you take any over the counter medications that increase your sensitivity to UV light?

Asking these questions can help you understand your patients’ needs better while making them feel more comfortable, giving you the opportunity to suggest the perfect pair of sunglasses!

3. Have fun!

Whether you encourage your whole team to wear sunglasses, take fun selfies and post them to your social, or setting up a photo booth for your patients to use, have fun with it!

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