four tipS for improving your customers experiences

There is always room to improve...

Especially when it comes to the customer experience. Here are a few tips for making the experience the best it can be for your customers:
1.Web Presence
If your business isn’t on the internet, it’s time to show up to the party, starting with your website. Making sure you have a clear and concise website that is mobile-friendly is important. Make sure your store’s contact information and address are on the top of the home page, so the customer doesn’t have to scour your website for your phone number. Websites may be daunting if you are doing it yourself so keep it clean and simple.
2. Keep it Comfortable
No one likes waiting longer than they have to. Keep your customers comfortable by making sure your waiting room is in top shape. Keep it clean, neat, and stocked with amenities. Even something as simple as making sure your magazines are up to date and keeping light refreshments stocked is sure to make their experience a more pleasant one.
3. Branding
In stores and online- keep it consistent across all channels. It goes beyond having a nice logo, it is apart of every facet of your business- from the artwork in the waiting area to your twitter feed. It is up to you to decide how you want to be perceived by the customer, and half the battle of branding is figuring that out. Write out some brand guidelines to keep it clear and to make it simple to implement. For help with branding online, check out our social media tool kit with easy to use ideas and content!
4. Make if Simple but Special
Your average customer is not an eye care professional, therefore their optical knowledge is probably lacking. Keep it short, sweet, and to the point. Make sure the customer knows their concerns and questions are being heard, and that the experience you are giving has been customized to their specific needs. Make it a point to ask about fitting problems, headaches, how long they wear them, and other questions that would affect their purchase. People respond positively to being heard and it is a simple place to start.

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