Finding the Perfect Fit

When it comes to glasses- one size
does not fit all.

We all want a pair of glasses that look good and feel good. So at Zyloware we are committed to offering a wide variety of sizes so everyone can have a comfortable and correct fit.
Your pupil distance, or PD, will help you find the glasses size you need. The PD of an average adult male tends to be in the mid 60’s, and the PD of an average adult female tends to be in the high 50’s to low 60’s.
For men, a common fitting problem is that their eyewear is too small. This can cause the frame to pinch and dig into your head. Extended Fit™  Eyewear is a collection of fashionable frames designed with the proper proportions to provide a comfortable and correct fit for men with a wider PD. Zyloware Extended Fit eyewear frames feel like they were custom designed for your specific size needs.
Extended Fit eyewear is available in popular brands including Randy Jackson and Shaquille O’Neal.
For the classic look:
This Randy Jackson frame with a thin profile and lightweight provides the extra head space needed, without being bulky.
RJ 1073_058 2
Randy Jackson 1073
For the fashion forward:
The pop of color in this Shaquille O’Neal frame is sure to make you stand out among the crowd, and the spring hinges allow for maximum comfort.
QD 140Z_300.jpg
Shaquille O’Neal 104Z
Although it is not as common of a problem for women, many still have a larger PD, and experience the same painful issues as men. Luxury Fit was designed for women who need more head space but do not want to compromise their fashion sense.
For the chic:
These Sophia Loren frames are sure to be comfortable and stylish so you never have to compromise.
SL 1564_Blk_021
Sophia Loren 1564
For the worker bee:
These lightweight frames by Daisy Fuentes can be worn all day without causing pain.
DF La Emelda_021.jpg
Daisy Fuentes La Emelda 
One of the most common sizing problems women experience is that eyewear is too large for them. If your frames are too big, there are limited options for what you can do to alter the sizing. Petite Fit eyewear is a collection of fashionably designed frames for women with smaller facial features that are created to fit just right – no alterations required.
Petite Fit eyewear is designed based on the overall proportion of a woman’s face, so women with smaller features will always look and feel their best. At Zyloware we consider Petite Fit as any style with a lens width of 51mm or smaller.
Petite Fit eyewear is available in popular brands including Daisy FuentesSophia LorenGloria by Gloria VanderbiltProject RunwayInvincilitesMaxStudio.comLeon Max, and Via Spiga.
For the edgy:
This bold, hexagon Leon Max frame can’t be ignored and won’t fall down your nose!
Leon 6008_027.jpg
Leon Max 6008
For the comfort seeker:
The lightweight materials and spring hinges on this Gloria by Gloria Vanderbilt frame allows for maximum comfort while the laser design and bright colors give you a trendy look, without having to compromise.
GG 4055_077.jpg
Gloria by Gloria Vanderbilt 4055

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