New Year, New You: Setting Personal and Professional Goals

start 2020 with a plan

With a new year and a new decade starting this week… have you set your personal and professional goals for 2020? Every year, goals are set with great intention, but as February rolls around, the excitement of becoming the best version of yourself, or a better version of your company, comes to a halt. We want everything to magically transform overnight, but is that truly an option? How can we make setting new year’s resolutions an easier, more actionable process?

Intentions: What is it that you truly want?

An intention is stating what you aim to achieve. Think about what it is that you are wanting to accomplish in the new year on a broad spectrum. What facet of your business would you like to improve in? Where in your personal life would you like to improve? Keep in mind that these ideas should not stress you out but motivate you to set realistic goals! Take a look back at the past year… what went well? What didn’t? Setting these intentions will be the motivating factor for your goals.

Example: I want to expand my client base in 2020.


A goal is defined as a desired result. As you are brainstorming ideas for a goal, think about what really matters to you in the big picture. Do your best to not compare yourself, your goals, or your business to others. What is it that YOU want to accomplish? The key to setting goals is making them measurable. You most definitely can dream big and set large goals. However, if there is no way to measure your progress, how will you know if you’re getting close to the finish line? The more specific that your goal is, the easier it will be to measure your progress! But remember, goals are not meant to fix what you believe is wrong. Goals are meant to fulfill your stated intentions.

Example: I want to expand my client base by creating a stronger social media presence.

Actions: What steps can you take to achieve your goals?

An action is the process of achieving an aim or goal. Anyone can set a goal, but what is needed to complete the goal? The “action” portion can make or break the success of fulfilling your resolution. What is the step by step plan to fulfill your goals?  (Don’t forget, baby steps count too!) Your action plan can have as many or as few steps as you’d like. You can even break down your large goal into little mini goals that have actions to go along with them! Tip: To help guarantee success, find an accountability partner to assist you with your action plan! Having an extra encourager and brainstormer on your team is never a bad option.


Action Plan-

  • Create a Facebook and Instagram for my business.
  • Appoint a member of the office to facilitate the accounts.
  • Find online tools to gain knowledge of how to properly run social media business accounts.
  • Track client reach through social media.

Now that we have an outline, it’s time to start setting and obtaining your intentions, goals, and actions! Remember, good things in life are cultivated over time… don’t give up as soon as one or two things don’t go as planned. Make yourself a list of goals that are measurable, break up your goals into both large and small steps, and don’t forget to reward yourself along the way!

PERSONAL GROWTH TIP: Need a starting point to get your ideas flowing? Most people’s goals belong in one of these categories:

  • Health
  • Friendships/Relationships
  • Family
  • Finances
  • Work
  • Recreation

PROFESSIONAL GROWTH TIP: Need some tools to help you grow professionally? Zyloware can help! Head over to our resource page for all of your professional needs!

We wish you a year full of great personal and professional growth! Happy New Year from your Zyloware family!

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