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As we enter into this new decade, eyewear designers are playing with the idea of minimalism. Brands from across the globe are producing frame styles that consumers can wear as accessories to the face, with soft, subtle detailing. This idea of minimalism in the realm of eyewear is capturing the idea that a good frame doesn’t have to be extremely bold. As a company that takes pride in being affordable and inclusive to all, Zyloware has released a handful of the ideal, practical minimalist frames that your patients will fall in love with.

Regarding the shape of the frame, there are many new styles that fit into the hexagonal category. Less bold, sharp edges and more clean cut, thin lines are a trend in the Leon Max new releases. Notice the minimal design of the frame front, aiding to the idea that this frame is very simple and classic. As we look at the frame as a whole, we will notice the playful tortoise temple tips and the Leon Max staple globe logo.

Featured style: Leon Max 4080

Keeping in mind that eyewear can be interpreted as jewelry on the face as well as for medical use – trendy colors such as a soft blush and electric red will make an appearance in many of the Zyloware women’s lines.

Featured style: Via Spiga Dorotea

This classic P3, or pantoscopic, shape has taken on a new life as it is paired with versatile, statement-making colors that will definitely be a topic of conversation. Take note of the textured temple, which is inspired by vintage P3 eyewear, as well. For those who enjoy larger frame styles that compliment the face, this frame, while over-sized, is made in a sleek, thin metal does just that.


Featured style: Via Spiga Agostina

The proportions of this specific style are wider at the top, which create visual interest to this seemingly ordinary shape. The beige color can be soft or contrasting depending on the wearer’s skin tone, while the black and gold option pulls more attention to the frame as the bolder option of this duo.

Rimless eyewear is the perfect choice for those who are seeking a minimalistic style, in the form of a more simple, basic frame. In the new releases, you will see a variety of great semi-rimless frame choices for men including a few double bar designs that may even include a sport-style temple.

Featured style: Stetson 369

 Featured style: Shaquille O’Neal QD 165M

 The designers are giving minimalist styles a little more personality by adding an array of different style choices to set them apart from other frames. Double bars and wide bridges are just a few that you may notice!

Featured style: Randy Jackson RJ 1005

As you can see, there is a minimalist style for everyone. This year, express to your minimalist eyewear lovers that there’s always more than meets the eye. As was showcased with these new Zyloware frames, point out that each style has something unique and interesting about it. Minimalism is anything but boring!

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