Building Community

With thoughts of Valentine’s day and love swirling in our heads this month, we want our February focus to be on making our employees feel valued and encouraged while they are at work! Are you creating a sense of community in your office? Here are a few ideas on how to build a happy, healthy, community driven work environment for your employees and patients.

1. Make community outreach part of your office culture

In order to create a sense of community in your office, you need to engage in the happenings and initiatives in your neighborhood! Can you conduct a coat drive in the winter and have your employees and patients bring donations? Can you have a can food drive for a local food pantry? There are so many ideas that don’t even involve leaving your office but can make a huge impact to those around you. Doing good for you community will automatically create a positive vibe in the office, and in turn, it will create a culture based on community! What can you to do help your neighbors?

Above are a few photos from Zyloware’s National Eyewear Day Event! We partner with The Optical Academy to provide free exams and eyewear for the community surrounding our home office in Port Chester, NY.

Click the link below to see more on National Eyewear Day!

2. Celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, and daily achievements

Everyone loves to be recognized, whether they want to admit it or not! Big or small, celebrating achievements and milestones will create a sense of community throughout the office. Something as little as bringing cookies for an employee’s birthday can make someone feel special and show that they are a valuable part of the team. Do you have an employee of the month award? Choosing someone who’s hard work and positive attitude stands out to you during the month and recognizing them in front of the team will create a sense of pride for employees and will encourage others to strive for the same excellence! It’s the little things that matter, and celebrating one another creates a sense of pride and belonging in yourself and your team!

Above is a photo from Zyloware’s James Shyer’s birthday celebration at our home office in Port Chester, NY. We are always up for a little celebration!

3. Create a little friendly competition

Who doesn’t love a little harmless competition? Do you ever have sales contests between your opticians? A multiple pair sales contest? Product knowledge contests that can include the whole office? It’s amazing to see what kind of results a team will produce if you add in an element of competition. Individual or team, contests always add a sense of fun to the work day.–-Webinar_v3.mp4

Click the link above for our Multiple Pair Sales Webinar to kick off your Multiple Pairs Sales Contest!

Building a strong sense of community will positively impact your staff as well as your customers! Feeling like a valuable part of the team increases productivity, pride in your work and workplace, and overall creates a better office environment. We hope you can easily put some of these suggestions into practice at your office and improve your community today!

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