Customizing your content for promotions and holidays is important to increase sales! Social media has a huge impact on brand awareness, so knowing HOW and WHEN to post tailored content is a MUST.

Today, I am going to give you some great ideas for Facebook posts, Instagram posts, and email blasts to help boost sales for your office or optical boutique!

Promotion Example: St. Patrick’s Day Sale

Buy one get one 20% off!

Using a term like “It’s your lucky day “can generate interest for the promotion.

MARCH 15th FSA deadline!

To help generate sales, give a cute or catchy reminder of the deadline.

Flash sales!

Holidays are the perfect time! Go through your inventory, see what’s older and/or not selling – or even choose specific colors, and make them 10% off. Most people don’t need a significant discount to bring them in the door, 10% will make them happy! Create a festive poster for the sale and post it all over your social media. Send an e-blast that morning alerting everyone of the flash sale. Needing a way to easily create graphics for your promotions? Check out for an efficient, user friendly experience!


I send out monthly newsletters to every patient who signs up or provides their email. Guess what? More than half open it… Newsletters are ideal for putting lots of information in one place! My newsletters gives important information regarding new releases or current style trends, I also usually add one big reminder! For example, people who purchase a year supply of contact lenses get 30% off one frame and lens!

So, there you go! I hope these examples of customized marketing will inspire and help some of you! These tools have worked really well for me and I hope these are valuable tools for your optical location as well!


Autianna Wilson


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