Time for change.
We are Zyloware.


Over the past two weeks, we’ve watched our nation grapple with the long-term effects of racial inequality in the midst of an unprecedented pandemic. We recognize that the future must be one of active change and, as business owners, we have a responsibility to use our voice and resources to help facilitate a positive impact.

We have always been proud that the Zyloware family is diverse with over 57% of our employees identifying as non-white. However, we understand that having a diverse team is not enough. We can and will do better to support our team and partners. So, we’re getting to work:

  •  Reexamining our current employee education program to add training on diversity and unconscious bias
  •  Making a commitment to being diligent in choosing partners who represent the diversity of the Zyloware family and are inclusive of our values
  •  Being active participants in listening and learning so we can better support and advocate for our team


We understand that the path to a better future is a long one and that we will not always have all the answers. But we are committed to learning and continuing to evolve our action plan to create progress.

Our mission at Zyloware is to help people see a beautiful day every day. Together, we must ensure that this is possible for every member of our team, industry, and community.

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