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We honestly struggled to find the exact words to make sense of what has been going on in our world these past couple of weeks. The horrific tragedy of George Floyd, as well as the endless history of racially motivated killings of black men and women, has angered and sickened us.  Zyloware has and always will stand in solidarity with the Black community, colleagues, and supporters against racism and racial injustices.

When we created our Mission Statement, we chose key words that firmly speak to the core values of Zyloware: “Diverse”, “Individuals”, “Family Values” and “Commitment.” We celebrate our diversity and inclusion as a company, and realize they have always been our key strengths as a business.

We are proud that our Zyloware family is diverse with over 57% of our employees, including executives, identifying as non-white. Nonetheless, we understand that having a diverse team is not enough. We can and will do better to support our team and partners, so we are getting to work by:

  • Reexamining our current employee education programs to add training on diversity and unconscious bias

  • Making a commitment to being diligent in choosing partners who represent the diversity of he Zyloware family and are inclusive of our values as a company

  • Being active participants in listening and learning so we can better support and advocate for our team

As our nation and industry navigates through this time, we realize how difficult the past few weeks and months have been. We understand the path to a better future is a long one, and we will not always have all the answers. However, we are committed to learning and continuing to evolve our action plan to create progress. We stand here open and devoted to partaking in this conversation, and being a part of the solution. 

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