VISION:  Access to affordable quality eyewear for all; helping people see a beautiful day every day.

MISSION:  We are diverse, passionate individuals working together as one to deliver eyewear product excellence as well as an extraordinary experience for our employees, customers and business partners, while staying true to our core family values of honesty, integrity and commitment, without compromise.



The Oldest Family-Owned Optical Frame Company in the United States.

Since 1923, Zyloware Eyewear has prided itself on innovation, quality, service, and customer satisfaction. Founded by Joseph Shyer, Zyloware first made its home in Long Island City, NY as a frame manufacturer. Today, Zyloware is over 20 years into its third generation of family stewardship, and remains an independent, privately held company – “Zyloware is the oldest family-owned and operated optical frame supplier in the United States. Our rich heritage and history is what makes us unique, but our dedication to the industry and our customers/partners is what makes what we have accomplished so special,” said James Shyer, Zyloware co-CEO and Chief Operating Officer.

Known as an optical innovator, Zyloware leads the industry in original product development and branding initiatives. Zyloware is best known for its most widely recognized innovation, the development of the Invincible in 1964. The first frame made out of Nylon and the industry’s most successful Nylon frame ever sold in the United States, the Invincible sold over 20 million frames.

Credited with several industry “firsts”, Zyloware launched the first designer eyewear brand – Gloria Vanderbilt – in 1976. This was followed by the first celebrity brand – Sophia Loren Eyewear – in 1980. 1982 saw the launch of the award-winning Stetson Eyewear collection with the line becoming widely recognized as the first American eyewear brand for men. Since then Zyloware has successfully expanded its brand portfolio to include the Shaquille O’Neal Collection, the Randy Jackson Collection; designer brands Leon Max, Maxstudio.com, and Via Spiga; Daisy Fuentes, Project Runway, and specialty house brands Invincilites, Red Lotus and Red Tiger.

After several expansions and its evolution into the global supplier it is today, Zyloware moved to its new corporate headquarters in Port Chester, NY in 2010, increasing its square footage by 50% in a new state-of-the-art facility. “Operational improvements throughout each department allow us to continue providing the eyewear industry with the finest in product and customer service, and provide for continued growth,” said Christopher Shyer, Zyloware co-CEO and President. Zyloware has increased the scope and size of its sales force in conjunction with its in-house marketing, product development, and quality assurance teams. It continually receives awards for frame quality and design, marketing and customer service.

Today, the Zyloware family continues the heritage of fine craftsmanship and impeccable style along with a strong focus on the community. This sense of pride and integrity has transitioned into a focus on the people and faces behind the Zyloware brand through the “We Are Zyloware” campaign. It was created to showcase the core values we operate on and feature the individuals who make up Zyloware and their devotion to excellence, passion, and innovation. Zyloware recognizes that it’s not only the employees but also suppliers and most importantly customers that make its success happen, and embraces each into the Zyloware family. All are a part of what makes Zyloware a success and we look forward to continuing these special relationships as we continue to innovate and introduce best-selling eyewear.



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