Our Vision

Access to quality eyewear for all; helping people see a beautiful day every day.

Our Mission

We are diverse, passionate individuals working together as one to deliver eyewear product excellence as well as an extraordinary experience for our employees, customers and business partners, while staying true to our core family values of honesty, integrity and commitment, without compromise.

“We attribute our success to our enduring relationships with customers and suppliers. Our longevity is a result of our success.”

– Henry Shyer

Our Services

Product Innovation & Development

Our team is continually INNOVATING FRAME DESIGN; incorporating customer feedback, fashion trends, and market research.

Customer Support & Logistics

PERSONALIZED SUPPORT to meet all of your needs, including custom tagging, packaging, and shipping.

Marketing & PR

Customized marketing assets - advertising, digital content, POS materials and employee training, are developed by our marketing professionals TO DRIVE REAL TRAFFIC.

Quality Assurance

STRICT QUALITY STANDARDS are employed by our experienced Qu staff who are stationed at every step of the manufacturing process.


State-of-the-art technology and inventory professionals manage product supply levels, resulting in a SEAMLESS HIGH PRODUCT FULFILLMENT RATE.

Worldwide Sales

Our vastly experienced sales team continues to be flexible towards market changes, allowing us to be A STRONG PARTNER FOR YOU,


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