Women’s History Month: women optometrists making a difference March is Women’s History Month, a time to commemorate and encourage the study, observance, and celebration of the vital role of women in world history. Empowered women empower women; today we are focusing on women making a difference in their communities. Nadia Afkhami is a Doctor of […]


March is workplace eye wellness month The U.S Bureau of of Labor Statistics found that by 2020, over 77% of jobs will require some type of technology usage. While technology can be great for many things, it can be harmful for one: Your eyes. Digital eye strain is a part of modern life that the […]

Customizing Your Content for Promotions and Holidays

CUSTOMIZING YOUR CONTENT FOR PROMOTIONS AND HOLIDAYS Customizing your content for promotions and holidays is important to increase sales! Social media has a huge impact on brand awareness, so knowing HOW and WHEN to post tailored content is a MUST. Today, I am going to give you some great ideas for Facebook posts, Instagram posts, and […]

Use Social Media for Customer Service

Use Social Media for Customer Service As social media becomes a ubiquitous part of our lives, brands are leveraging various channels to connect with customers like never before. From Snapchat filters to Pinterest boards, there are many options out there that eye care professionals can employ to check in on their customers. Here are some […]


5 WAYS TO MAKE YOUR WAITING ROOM MORE ENJOYABLE According to the Patientpop blog, a survey conducted at outpatient clinics in New York City found a direct positive correlation between aesthetically appealing waiting rooms and patient opinions about doctors’ visits. If you feel your waiting area could use a lift to add to your patients’ […]

Building Community

Building Community With thoughts of Valentine’s day and love swirling in our heads this month, we want our February focus to be on making our employees feel valued and encouraged while they are at work! Are you creating a sense of community in your office? Here are a few ideas on how to build a […]

New metal styles to fall in love with!

New metal styles to fall in love with! As we enter into this new decade, eyewear designers are playing with the idea of minimalism. Brands from across the globe are producing frame styles that consumers can wear as accessories to the face, with soft, subtle detailing. This idea of minimalism in the realm of eyewear […]

New Year, New You: Setting Personal and Professional Goals

New Year, New You: Setting Personal and Professional Goals start 2020 with a plan With a new year and a new decade starting this week… have you set your personal and professional goals for 2020? Every year, goals are set with great intention, but as February rolls around, the excitement of becoming the best version […]

Extended Fit™ Guide

Extended Fit™ Guide EDITOR’S NOTE: A YEAR IN REVIEW: For the month of December we will be revisiting our most viewed posts of 2019. Enjoy! Finding a frame that fits perfectly can be a challenge, and it can be especially challenging for eyeglass wearers who need Extended Fit™ sizing. Here we will give you the […]