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The purpose of our collaborations with social media influencers is to promote and raise awareness of Zyloware Eyewear.
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Mario Monforte

Mario Monforte is a man of all trades. He’s a blogger, renowned photographer, contemporary artist, luxury expert, DJ, and fashion editor. With all of this talents it’s no surprise he has a huge following on all of his social media accounts. He has 127K followers on Facebook, 113.5K followers on Twitter, 98.2K followers on Instagram, 15.4k followers on Youtube in addition to loyal audience on his blog.

Mario Monforte begins his blog by stating that his new “summer favorite sunglasses are those from Randy Jackson.” He goes on to say that the sunglasses “have a musical touch to the 70’s, with a  bit of Las Vegas, but at the same time they are very modern and glamorous.” Mario suggests for the guy looking for creative designer sunglasses, the Randy Jackson Eyewear Collection is the perfect match.

He gives advice to his viewers about which pair of Randy Jackson sunglasses would look good on certain skin tones and hair colors. Mario recommends the black glasses for the whiter skin tones and the golden ones for the darker ones. Each person, skin, eye, color, face shape, adapts to different glasses.”

Instagram: @MarioMonforte

Daniel Pinheiro

Daniel Pinheiro is a fashion blogger and style influencer  from Braga, Portugal. With over 17.1K followers on Instagram, Daniel showcases modern looks by mixing fashion trends and accessories on a weekly basis. You can catch up with his most recent looks on his style blog.

Instagram: @DP_Style

Denis Styles

Denis Carvajal is a style influencer and image consultant working in the NY and NJ metro areas. In addition to advising an impressive 24.7k followers on Instagram, Denis hosts The Life Of A Gentleman, a monthly podcast where he discusses men’s fashion. In the latest episode, Denis talks Randy Jackson eyewear and gives his listeners some great style advise.

Instagram: @Denis_Styles

JV the Model

Jose Valdez is model, actor and social media influencer who is currently located in sunny Miami, with roots from NYC. Jose has an extensive portfolio which includes multiple independent films, web series, fashion shows and published magazines. In addition to his 30,000+ social media following, Jose is also part of the Youtube crew EpicScenes which makes hysterical skits that go viral on the Internet.

Instagram: @JVthemodel

The Dapper Juan

It’s pretty safe to say when you think of the word dapper, Juan De La Rusa comes to mind. Known on Instagram as ‘The Dapper Juan’, this style influencer and fashion aficionado is known for his polished looks that he shares daily with his massive audience of 65k followers. Even though he always looks as if he just stepped off the set of a high fashion photo shoot, he enforces the motto “you don’t have to spend thousands to look like a million.”

Instagram: @TheDapperJuan

Jamie Patterson

It’s safe to say that Jamie Patterson knows what he’s doing when it comes to fashion. The U.K. based influencer is a fashion model and business owner – he and his partner Stephanie are co-owners of  With over 24,000 followers, Jamie blends together the latest trends while adding his own personal touch for an edgy feel. You can follow him and his eye for style.

Instagram: @jmebpatterson

Lindsay Rosasco

School teacher by day, blogger by night, Lindsay Rosasco is passionate about her family, manners, and learning. She writes about subjects that she fervently stands up for and believes in. With over 25.3K followers on Instagram and a thriving blog, Lindsay is looking to help the world around her, as well as becoming a better person herself. To see what Lindsay is talking about, you can find her blog at or see her photos @itssimplylindsay!

Instagram: @itssimplylindsay

Dr. Arian Fartash

The Glam Optometrist, who is also known by her patients as Dr. Arian Fartash, is a fashion-forward optometrist who posts about all things eyewear. Splitting her time between Orange County, CA and San Francisco, CA, Dr. Ari stays busy as an optical professional in addition to managing her online presence. With over 36.1k loyal Instagram followers and a thriving blog (, we can see why this fashionista is causing so much excitement!

Instagram: @GlamOptometrist

Lamberto Shtjefni

Lamberto is an Albanian fashion influencer and style blogger with an impressive 15,000+ followers on Instagram. His content includes luxury lifestyle and the latest fashion trends for an asethetically pleasing profile with a ton of attitude. Always on top of the trends, Lamberto inspires his followers to always be willing to try new looks and to not be afraid to be different. Who knows, maybe with that kind of advice they can be the next social media influencer!

Instagram: @Lamberto_mnswr

Carolina Ogliaro

As a fashion and luxury editor with over 178,000 followers on Instagram, Carolina Ogliaro must stay on top of all of the latest trends. Now residing in Paris, Carolina believes that “every person with character and attitude is much better and more attractive than a simply beatuiful one.” To see some of her looks, you can find her @CarolinaOgliaro.

Instagram: @CarolinaOgliaro

Erika Villalobos

Erika Villalobos is a mother of two whose looking to revitalize the world by raising her children on green living. Raised in Queens, Erika was a former lover of all things in sugar but after having her children and researching green living, she cannot see herself going back! Follow her blog at or on Instagram at @EssentiallyErika!

Instagram: @EssentiallyErika

Gary Wales

Gary Wales is an aspiring actor from the United Kingdom with an impressive resume – he has appeared on the hit HBO show Game of Thrones and is currently working on digital projects that he frequently shares with his 17,300 followers. With upcoming projects like Psychosis, Why Me?, and Love Bites, Gary is somehow still able to connect with all of his fans. To see more of what Gary is up to, you can find him on his Instagram or Twitter account @garyawales.

Instagram: @GaryAWales

Kara Caraway

Kara Caraway is a blogger, mother, and social media influencer located in picturesque Colorado. As a lifestyle blogger, Kara writes about what she’s passionate about. Kara discusses the problems of obesity in society and how she wants to combat it by encouraging her followers to live a healthy and active lifestyle. She also loves to share the places she goes that are fun for the whole family. You can check out her blog at!

Instagram: @SimplyKaraLiz


Jennifer Bitsche is a fashion blogger from Austria who specializes in all things eyewear. Her blog, Faceprint Eyewear Love, recently highlighted the stylish look of Leon Max Eyewear style 6014.

The post was also published on the Facebook Group The Eyewear Forum to an audience of over 10k readers.

Instagram: @Faceprint.eyewearlove


Dr. Jennifer Lyerly is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of the popular optometrist blog, Eyedolatry. The blog features eyewear, fashion, vision therapy, eyewear heath, and everything in between! Zyloware had the opportunity to collaborate with Dr. Lyerly, and in their most recent blog post, Dr. Lyerly shares “An Optometrist’s Guide to Influencer Marketing with Zyloware.” The article is full of great tips for ECPs looking to grow their brand on social media and shines light on the benefits of partnering with a social media influencer to increase your brand reach. You can view the whole post here.

Instagram: @Eyedolatry_blog


Sam Maries is Youtube makeup aritst, that incorporates eyewear into every makeup video. With a following of over 12K, Sam has also been able to open an new account that allows other eyewear and makeup enthusiasts to be featured on it. The goal is to be inspired by each other and to see every hair, skin, or eye color to be represented on the page.

Instagram: @MakeupForGlasses


Desirée Velásquez is a latina style blogger who splits her time between Chicago and Madrid – Speaking both English and Spanish with a love for everything fashion, her username, fashionlingual, makes total sense! Her blog,, can be described as a place where she posts about things that she loves and finds inspiring –from fashion to everything inbetween.

Instagram: @fashionlingual

Those White Walls

24.8k followers, Ali Stone has been able to channel her passion and work all into one. When Ali isn’t working on her fashion blog, Those White Walls, she works as a freelance photographer and jewelry designer in Chicago. Ali hopes to inspire others to wear and do what they love, all at the same time, just like her.

Instagram: @alialistone

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